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Activate Your Introvert podcast

I appeared on Jon Baker’s Activate Your Introvert podcast, talking about what it takes to be a successful freelance introvert.

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Introvert, Dear

I contributed a guest post on ‘Seven Skills Every Freelance Introvert Needs’ to Introvert, Dear – one of the world’s most popular communities for introverts.

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Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders (CIEP)

The CIEP invited me to write a guest article on ‘How to be a freelance introvert’, based on the book.

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Make a Living Writing

‘How to Pitch & Win Freelance Writing Clients Without a Bullhorn’ was featured at the leading site for freelance writers in the US. The article is based on a transcript of my interview at the Freelance Writers’ Den podcast (access restricted to members).

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Response Source

This Q&A, entitled ‘Journalist as Author: Tom Albrighton’, looks briefly at the writing of The Freelance Introvert.

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Shepherd book recommendations

I picked my top five books to make your writing crystal clear for Shepherd.

Featuring great writing advice from Ernest Gowers, Roy Peter Clark, Strunk & White, Anne H. Janzer and Sarah Winters (was Richards).

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