New book ONE FOR JOY now available to pre-order

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My new book One for Joy is now available to pre-order!

When the world is obsessed with being social, we forget the riches within ourselves. It’s time we rediscovered the lost art of being alone.

Solitude is more than the absence of other people. It’s an experience just like any other, and it can be as joyful, valuable and inspiring as any other aspect of our lives.

One for Joy is a treasure trove of solitude that looks at every side of being alone.

We’ll see the different forms that solitude can take, from brief daydreams to solo journeys, everywhere from wide-open spaces to cosy nooks.

We’ll discover the many benefits of being alone, from rest, recharging and reflection to healing pain and making plans.

We’ll learn how solitude helps you focus on a vital task or just kick back and chill out, and a few of the wonderful ways to enjoy your time alone.

We’ll explore ideas and reflections on what it means to be alone, from antiquity to the present day.

Finally, we’ll unpack how self and company combine, how the digital world can undermine solitude and why the introvert’s need to be alone can be hard for others to understand.

Along the way, we’ll encounter thinkers and writers on solitude from Byron and Charlotte Brontë to Bo Burnham and Kate Bush, and meet solitary characters from Pippi Longstocking to Darth Vader.

Wide-ranging and insightful, yet with a light and readable style, One for Joy is a fun and fascinating read for anyone who’s happy on their own.

One for Joy will be published on 10 January 2023, but you can pre-order the ebook right now for just £1.95/$1.95 here.

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