ONE FOR JOY is out now!

One for Joy cover image

My new book One for Joy is out today!

It’s a guide to the secret world of solitude for introverts and anyone who loves to be alone.

One for Joy cover image

All my previous books have been about work – either writing or freelancing. This is something very different, and much more personal. I hope it means as much to you as it does to me.

Like most introverts, I really need my time alone. That’s where I regain my energy, rebalance my emotions and generally get my head straight. I like to work on things alone, only revealing them when I’m good and ready. When I’m alone, that’s when I feel ‘really myself’. If your mind works the same way, I think you’ll like One for Joy.

One for Joy looks at solitude from every side. Starting from the experience of being alone, it looks at why we introverts love to be alone, and how it helps us. It takes a tour through some philosophical and religious ideas about solitude, and samples some stories featuring characters who are alone. Finally, it discusses some of the wonderful things you can do on your own, from walking and gardening to reading, eating and gaming.

I put a lot into this book, so I hope you get something out of it too. You can get the ebook edition for just £1.99/$1.99 for the next few days. Get your copy here.

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