Writing stories that don’t suck

Jeremy Corbyn’s attacks on ‘billionaires’ and ‘corporations’ fell flat because the ideas were too abstract – too up for grabs. People look to corporations for goods and services, not to mention jobs. And a billionaire is something they might one day hope to be. In contrast, the Johnson/Dyson tax-breaks story looks set to run and run. Dyson, cannily spotting his … Read More

Emotions are freelance fuel

I guess the three most important resources for a freelancer are time, energy and goodwill. But emotions come close after.  Your emotions aren’t a shortcoming to be overcome, or a fault to be lived with. They are a strength. They are how you direct your time and energy.  Positive emotion means productivity and growth; negative emotion means stress and stasis.  … Read More

Welcome to my new site!

Tom Albrighton New Website

Thanks for checking out my new website, dedicated to my books. This site replaces the old microsite for my first book, Copywriting Made Simple. When I published that book, I never imagined I’d want to write another one. Now I’ve written two more, with another one on the way, so it seemed worthwhile giving them all a home on the … Read More