How to Write Clearly on preorder now

My new book How to Write Clearly will be published on 13 September – and the ebook is on pre-order right now.

How to Write Clearly is for anyone who needs to write – at work, in education or just everyday life. It’s here to make your non-fiction writing more colourful, expressive and precise.

I learned so much writing this book! It’s packed with ideas from psychology, education and linguistics to explain the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’.

You’ll learn:

👩🏻 How to understand your reader and their needs

💎 How to use plain language to make your writing accessible, readable and relatable

⚠️ Ten treacherous traps to avoid

👨🏼‍🏫 Proven techniques for explaining new ideas

🎭 How to captivate your reader with storytelling, humour, intrigue, perspective and more

🤔 What really changes readers’ minds

🛋 Using empathy and pacing to put the reader at their ease

🧱 How to choose the right structure, length and title 

✂️ Pages of pro tips for drafting, editing and using feedback.

With a foreword by content guru Doug Kessler. 

To get a taste of the book, read chapter 1 or browse the full contents list.

Pre-order now

You can pre-order the ebook of How to Write Clearly right now for just £2.99/$2.99 – that’s 50% off. (You won’t be charged until the book is published and delivered to you.)

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