Are you an introvert?

If you're happy in your own company most of the time, have just a few really close friends and prefer to work alone, the answer is probably yes.

Freelancing can be ideal for introverts – but it still takes work.

The Freelance Introvert will give you the tips, techniques and ideas you need to make a success of your freelancing, from setting aims and getting set up to time management, working with clients and marketing.

It’s the book you need for the life you want.

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7h 6m
Read by Sheri Saginor

What you'll learn


Getting started

How to tell if you're an introvert

Why work is tough on introverts, and how freelancing can help

Why introversion is a strength, not a weakness

Choosing your future

Deciding what you want from freelance life and writing your story

Identifying all your skills and qualities - from work and life

Building your new freelance role(s)

Identifying your clients

Setting an earnings target

Getting set up

Getting the right workspace and equipment

Taking care of your physical and mental health

Building a network of collaborators and suppliers

Setting boundaries around your work – physical, temporal and psychological

Managing your time

The three time horizons you need to watch

How to steer clear of 'time suckers'

How to balance exploration and exploitation

Working with clients

What makes a good client?

Why saying 'no' is so important - and how to do it

How to spot rogue clients

What to do when clients move on

Marketing yourself

The best ways to find new clients

Building a marketing mix that works for you

Creating your website, testimonials and personal pitch

How to survive a networking event

Setting and agreeing prices

How to discover the 'deal zone' and shoot for the top

How to set and frame your prices

How to stop self-sabotaging when quoting for work

Building your confidence

How to build confidence step by step

When to go beyond your comfort zone - and when to stay inside it

Understanding your explanatory style

How to overcome impostor syndrome

Choosing positive, self-supporting beliefs

Letting go of self-limiting beliefs

What readers are saying


‘Changed my life’’


‘Easy and enjoyable read’


‘Essential reading’


‘Wish I had read this before setting out on my freelancing journey’


‘Great punchy read’


‘Highly recommended (even if you're not an introvert!)’

Introverts, work and freelancing


Introverts find external stimulation overwhelming, so they look for ways to retreat from it.

A situation that’s easy for an extrovert to deal with can be way too much for an introvert.

Modern working styles can be really hard on introverts.

The hands-on work is OK, but the emotional labour of working with others all the time can be draining.

Freelancing offers introverts a way out – a chance to work alone, control their workload and create their own workspace.

It can be ideal – but it also takes work.

Going freelance means running a one-person business – setting direction, hustling for work and building a network.

Doing all that is hard enough for anyone. But it’s extra tough for introverts.

To make a success of freelancing, you'll need to learn some new skills, meet some challenges and build up your confidence.

And that’s exactly what The Freelance Introvert is all about.

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