So, you’ve gone freelance. And you’re making a living. But have you made yourself a life?

Freelancing should set you free. But for some, it’s more like a prison sentence. Because they just don’t make enough money.

Cash Money Freelancing will show you how to turn your freelance business into a bona fide money-making machine.

It’s packed with ideas to turbo-charge your freelancing, from setting your goals through to making better deals, earning higher fees and exploring new ways to grow.

If you’ve got the skills, the work and the clients, but your freelance business still isn’t jumping the way it should, Cash Money Freelancing has the answers you need.

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7h 6m
Read by Sheri Saginor

What you'll learn


Understanding work, wealth and money mind

What does wealth mean to you? (It’s more than just money…)

Why you need a ‘money mind’ as well as a ‘work mind’

Why ‘just doing the work’ isn’t enough

Why earning more money needn’t mean tossing your principles overboard

Setting direction

Knowing your purpose

How to set an earnings target

Why you have to leave your past behind

Identifying your ideal client

Why you need to build a financial cushion

Setting and presenting your prices

How to understand the unique value you offer

The best ways to charge – and what you should charge for

Why precedents are so powerful – and profitable

How to present your prices more persuasively

Negotiating deals like a pro

Why you need to keep emotion out of negotiations

How to set your topline and baseline prices

Knowing your best alternative to a deal

Why introductory discounts and free samples make no sense

Proven techniques for increasing your rates

Why you have to charge more – not just work more

How to charge more to new AND existing clients

Should you keep pace with inflation – or just double your rates overnight?

Ways to be more entrepreneurial

Build a menu of service packages to help clients buy from you

Work on retainer or sell service subscriptions

Specialize, semi-specialize or generalize?

Get some help by buddying up or delegating

Broaden your business by diversifying or moving along the value chain.

What readers are saying


‘Highly recommended’


‘Refreshing, practical, and inspirational’


‘Packed with good, solid advice’’


‘So much fun to read’


‘The first chapter… alone makes the book worthwhile’


‘Grounded, practical, widely applicable’


‘A true gift to every freelancer’


‘Essential for freelancers and small business owners’


‘A no-nonsense, highly readable guide to making more money as a freelancer’

On work, wealth and money mind


When you go freelance, you start selling your skills on the open market.

To prosper, you need commercial skills as well as hands-on work skills.

In other words, you need a ‘money mind’ alongside your ‘work mind’.

When you start out, you’ll need to set your own wealth targets, identify your ideal clients and understand your unique value.

Once you understand the value you offer, you can set prices that reflect it.

You can learn how professionals negotiate, using more than price alone to close deals that work for both sides.

To keep moving towards your wealth goals, you can take every opportunity to increase your prices.

Looking at the bigger picture, you can explore ways to develop your freelancing to make it more like a business.

Cash Money Freelancing covers all these areas and more.

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