Cash Money Freelancing

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On work, wealth and money mind

  • What is true wealth?
  • Money mind, and why you need it
  • Work is not enough
  • Two minds, one purpose
  • You don’t have to stop being you
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Time to choose
  • About this book

Setting direction

  • Know your purpose
  • Visualize your future
  • Know your ideal client
  • Know your unique value
  • Distinguish content from context
  • Set an earnings target
  • Disregard salaries
  • Forget your past
  • Aim for the top
  • Build a financial cushion
  • Put your cushion in context

Setting your prices

  • Charge by the project
  • Don’t charge by time
  • Consider every factor
  • Set profitable precedents
  • Charge for everything
  • Charge for meetings
  • Charge for site visits
  • Charge for research
  • Charge for thinking
  • Charge for writing supporting notes
  • Charge for managing the project
  • Charge for changes
  • Charge for extras
  • Point out extras without charging
  • Charge for ‘just having a look’
  • Charge for late payment

Presenting your prices

  • Frame every price
  • Ask relevant questions, if you can
  • Write a detailed proposal
  • Itemize costs as well as tasks
  • Develop proposal modules and information sheets
  • Charge for proposals

Negotiating deals

  • Stay frosty
  • Set your topline
  • Set your baseline
  • Express your price firmly
  • Know your BATNA
  • Know your prospect’s BATNA
  • Don’t play pipeline
  • Do paid samples, not free ones
  • Trade time for money
  • Trade money for time
  • Trade money for convenience
  • Reduce scope, not price
  • Use anchoring
  • Don’t split the difference
  • Use bigness bias
  • Put your price in context
  • Act as if
  • Use ‘feel, felt, found’
  • Walk away

Increasing your prices

  • Don’t work more, charge more
  • Charge new clients more
  • Increase prices for existing clients
  • Think through what could happen
  • Record what you charge
  • Push past your own precedents
  • Keep up with inflation
  • Double your prices (or just think about it)
  • Increase your earnings target

Being businesslike

  • Think business
  • Brand yourself
  • Build service packages
  • Offer a package menu
  • Work on retainer
  • Sell service subscriptions
  • Buddy up
  • Delegate
  • Specialize
  • Semi-specialize
  • Generalize
  • Diversify
  • Teach
  • Move along the value chain
  • Offer mini consultancy sessions

How much is enough?